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Curve Belgie Disc (either G4T 35 or G4T 45)

Curve Belgie Disc (either G4T 35 or G4T 45)

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The Belgie is a bike that has gained recognition in the cycling world. It was introduced when Jesse Carlsson won the Trans Am Bike Race in 2015. The Belgie has been used by successful cyclists like Kristof Allegaert. The Belgie DISC is an updated version of the original Belgie and Belgie Air, incorporating feedback and real-life testing.

Compared to its predecessor, the Belgie DISC has made several changes. It features a sleeker and lighter rear triangle with improved tire clearance of up to 33 mm. The front end of the bike utilizes a tapered head tube from the Belgie Air, providing weight reduction and a more streamlined finish.

The Belgie DISC now offers a wider range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every rider. Additionally, the frame is compatible with both electronic and mechanical gear systems, giving riders the flexibility to choose between options like eTap, Di2, or standard mechanical setups.

The frame of the Belgie DISC is made of 3AL - 2.5V Grade 9 Aerospace grade titanium, chosen for its optimal stiffness, compliance, and durability. It absorbs road noise while maintaining performance, offering a smooth and comfortable riding experience.
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