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ERE Research Genus CC Pro Saddle Black

ERE Research Genus CC Pro Saddle Black

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ERE Research Genus CC Pro Saddle Black

With this saddle, you get three saddles in one! The unique design and innovative features give you all you need to leave the competition behind. 

The Ere Research Genus CC model is a full carbon saddle with a carbon rail, and the shape is flat which is ideal for riders that can rotate their hips more easily and like to move around on the saddle.

This saddle is designed with a narrow “neck”; To make sure that the inner thigh has enough space, and won’t rub against the saddle when pushing more deeply into the power-transfer position.

It comes with the unique Comfort Trigger technology (patented by ere). The red lever let you adjust the flexibility of the saddle while riding. Adjusting the level of comfort or flexibility is required when you encounter varying situations, such as changing road surface or an uphill climb. It can also be used for comfort during a long endurance ride. 

With this system, we are able to achieve a 10nm difference between the 3 adjustment positions the Comfort Trigger offers, letting you have a real choice when it matters to you. 

Ere's Dynamic torsion bar is an extra bar connection between the left and right side of the saddle understructure (saddle rail). We designed this saddle with this extra torsion bar in order to make the overall structure stronger and be prepared to take loads of the rider when using the Comfort Trigger system, as this put more stress on the saddle base and rails than usual. 

Our saddles are unisex, as our own studies and experiences throughout the last 20 years have shown, and the ongoing study we initiated with the University of Stanford medicine has already shown, meaning that no person is the same in terms of saddle needs, and how they are built in terms of sex, posture, flexibility and soft tissue shape. It is about the right shape and not to “box-fit” female or male riders into the saddle shape they supposedly should ride. 

This saddle is 100% purely handmade. Therefore small production differences in saddle finish can be observed.

To protect your saddle during transport or storage the is an Ere Obductus saddle cover included. Easy to pull over the top of the saddle to protect from weather or dust during storage or transport.

Furthermore, we include a set of Ere Purus saddle wipes to clean and protect the saddle cover. These wipes moisturize the top material and bring back that nice box-fresh shine.

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