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Scarab Santa Rosa Integraded Disc - Frameset

Scarab Santa Rosa Integraded Disc - Frameset

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Experience the ultimate in bike performance with the Scarab Santa Rosa. Its cutting-edge features, including a steeper head tube angle, tapered steering tube, and short trail, ensure unparalleled responsiveness and rigidity for optimal handling of torsional stress. Crafted with a thoughtfully designed frame and constructed from high-quality steel, this bike seamlessly combines comfort and speed because, in the end, comfort equals speed. With its geometry tailored for aggressive riding positions and customizable fittings, the Scarab Santa Rosa delivers a ride that is both highly responsive and explosively agile. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey atop this two-wheeled sleigh!

While conquering towering mountains holds immense prestige in grand races, it demands finding a rhythm. However, traversing rolling hills can present some of the most challenging days on a bike. Nestled within the Central Cordillera in Antioquia, Colombia, lies Santa Rosa de Osos—an exceptional playground for cyclists. Named after the relentless succession of rolling hills that extend above 2500m, our bike beckons you to conquer each ascent with sheer determination, one after another. But don't underestimate the repechos, as they can easily overpower you. They say true success in cycling lies not only in one's physical strength but also in the wise utilization of that strength. Whether you're tackling the hills, participating in a local criterium, or joining your favorite group ride, make your moves wisely with the Scarab Santa Rosa.

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