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Founded in 2021 by Omar Salem Alsaadi, EDGE Cycling represents the Emirati cyclist’s unparalleled passion for exploring the terrain of the United Arab Emirates, and the world beyond, on two wheels.

From the novice biker to the pro rider, we are here to ignite your thirst for adventure and propel your love of cycling into unchartered territories. We believe that each pedal equates to a revolution for a reason ; as it holds the power to transform your perspective, your journey and your mindset.

We curate and create custom bikes, premium kits and trailblazing trips from around the world to bring together the local (and global) cycling community. Our mission is simple; to push the boundaries of your capabilities and help you unlock new frontiers of your personal best.

Welcome to the ultimate destination for cyclists in the United Arab Emirates – and beyond.

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Sun, sand, asphalt and sky form the foundations of Emirati cyclist Omar Salem Alsaadi’s biking treks around the United Arab Emirates. These very elements have inspired the identity of EDGE Cycling; paying tribute to the breathtaking terrain of the Emirates and celebrating the thrill of discovery that only cycling can offer.

As the world’s only Emirati unsupported adventure racer, Omar has participated in multiple long-distance, cross-country cycling races around the world; each of which has played a profound role in levating his life, both on and off the bike. For Omar, each pump of the pedal unlocks new levels of determination, discipline, adventure and self - reflection as he journeys across new terrains filled with people, places and stories that transcend any book he has ever read.

EDGE Cycling is an extension of Omar’s passion for cycling and unparalleled know-how; bringing together the very best of the cycling world to curate a comprehensive hub for cyclists in Dubai. His goal? To share the joys of cycling culture by making it accessible to everyone and building a community so strong that it becomes a destination for adventure cyclists from around the world.

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Embracing the Journey: Our Blossoming Cycling Community

Looking back on the inception of our cycling store, we are overwhelmed with profound gratitude for the incredible journey we have embarked upon. What began as a humble group of five individuals setting off on community rides, with most of them being beginners in cycling or completely unfamiliar with unpaved routes, has blossomed into something truly extraordinary.As the wheels of time turned, so did the wheels of our bicycles, and our cycling community flourished. Those initial five riders multiplied to ten, then twenty, and with each passing day, more passionate souls joined our ranks. Witnessing this surge of enthusiastic riders fills our hearts with indescribable joy, for we have had the privilege of introducing them to the wondrous world of cycling amidst nature's most breathtaking landscapes.For many who have resided in the UAE for years, the treasures hidden in the untouched terrains were like a well-kept secret. Yet, through our rides, we unveiled the majesty of untamed beauty and led them to places they had never dreamt of exploring. The sheer delight on their faces, the newfound sense of adventure in their hearts – these are the moments that fuel our dedication to this community.Our cycling family is the very essence of our existence. It is the driving force behind our tireless efforts to curate the finest products from all corners of the globe. We seek not only to provide top-tier equipment but also to foster a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and passion among our members.Every pedal stroke, every laughter shared on the trails, and every bond forged within this community reinforces our commitment to spreading the joy of cycling far and wide. We yearn to touch the lives of even more individuals, to ignite the same spark of wonder and appreciation for nature's gifts in every person we encounter.As we journey forward, we are filled with anticipation and excitement. Our mission extends beyond the boundaries of a mere store; it is a promise to nurture a love for cycling, to pave the way for unforgettable adventures, and to unite souls through a shared passion.To our dear cycling community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. You are the lifeblood of our existence, the reason we continue to strive for excellence, and the inspiration behind our unwavering dedication. Together, let us pedal towards horizons yet unexplored, and together, we shall revel in the boundless beauty that awaits us.