• Belgie Disc

    The Belgie is named after Melbourne's infamous "Belgie Ride" – a short, sharp, multi-surface smash-fest!

    The Belgie DISC is a combined version of the original Belgie and the Belgie Air based on feedback and real-life testing.

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  • Belgie Ultra

    Meticulously designed and finely crafted for all-road ultra-endurance riding. The Ultra can tackle cobbles and light gravel with confidence, helped by wider tyre clearance and a lengthened wheelbase. You’ll soon discover your spirit of adventure with this titanium all-roader.

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  • GXR (AKA Kevin)

    Meet Kevin, aka the Curve GXR gravel adventure do-it-all bike. Curve have taken the fun of a cyclocross bike, fused in some adventure feels and rolled it into one neat do-it-all package that can take you anywhere. Can fit up to 700 x 45C or 650bx2.2”.

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  • DownRock

    Enter the DownRock - Curve's interpretation of the modern trail hardtail. A balanced, versatile mountain bike for fanging around like a frill neck lizard on hot sand. The DownRock brings back that raw, adrenaline rush - it whips around corners faster than a tiger snake and will leave a big dumb grin on your face.

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  • Big Kev

    Big Kev is the progressive gravel bike you have been waiting for. Designed as the new benchmark for adventure cycling, Big Kev features wide 29-inch tyre clearance giving you the comfort and confidence for weekend gravel missions or the reliability and speed to tackle bucket-list bike-packing adventures like the Tour Divide.

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