EDGE and ALLIED collaborated only in one mission, and that is to offer the finest customizable bikes, carbon fiber machines hand-made in USA.

“Design, market, sell.” Normally, this is the holy trinity of American bike brands. “Make” is almost never part of the equation. And this is why ALLIED is different.

“Our mission is to make the best carbon fiber bicycles in the world, manufacturing them right here in America.” – Allied Cycle Works

  • ABLE

    Nowhere off limits

    Lightweight, yet burly. Tight, yet agile. Point in any direction and go.

    The ABLE begs to be ripped around on chunky gravel, hardpack dirt, fire roads and singletrack. Purpose-built for wider tires, but with a shorter rear end for telepathic handling.

    At home on the steepest, rockiest, most rugged terrain.

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  • ALFA

    Pure speed

    Responsive when your watts are big. Smooth when the roads are poor.

    Whether it’s a peaceful, early morning spin or the fury of an hourlong criterium - the purest form of the sport is road cycling. A hard reboot of the classic road racing design. Uncompromising agility, beauty and durability.

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  • BC40

    No trail unturned

    Thoroughly engineered. A modern cross-country machine mix with an all-day trail sled.

    Defining direction, informing efficiency, dialing fit and feel, refining responsiveness, testing, and finishing to completion. Meet the new, incomparable BC40 made on singletrack in America to be ridden around the world.

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  • ECHO

    Go fast everywhere

    Pure road performance one day, gravel ready the next. One bike. No compromise.

    At the heart of the ECHO’s genetic code is pure unadulterated speed - the ability to transform from a road race thoroughbred to a versatile, agile gravel bike with a simple switch of flip chips at the front and rear dropouts.

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