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Aveo Macula Fade Purple Sunglasses

Aveo Macula Fade Purple Sunglasses

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Macula ™: Maximum comfort thanks to ultra-thin and super-light glasses.

Thanks to unique solutions and extremely light biobased * materials, the Macula ™ offer extraordinary quality at a weight of only 21gr.

Lightweight: The lighter the glasses are, the more comfortable they are to wear. Optimal comfort is achieved by making the frame and lenses as light as possible.

Flexibility: You can sit on it. This construction also allows extreme flexibility that ensures resistance to impacts and the most difficult bends.

Comfort: Thanks to the innovative nosepad fastening system and the comfortable material, Macula ™ offers a perfect and dynamic adaptation to the shapes of each face. Sunglasses that do not move, which remain stable even in the most extreme situations and in the most adverse weather conditions.

Braille: a tactile reading and writing system in relief for the blind and visually impaired. If you are blind or visually impaired, write to us and we will be happy to support you in your adventures.

Lenses: Protect yourself from the elements and improve your eyesight with V3DO ™ Ventilated lens technology in cat 3.

All Aveo sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy, with particular attention to their perfection, precision and complexity.

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